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CP2 Packaging

CP2 is a leading skincare manufacturing and packaging company in China, and a one stop shop for design, development, and mass production. We have distributed products direct to our clients in the United States, Europe, Australia and Japan. 


CP2 is devoted excellence when it comes to packaging. It is part of our spirit that we live and breathe to provide the best quality. We believe the perfect container should not only carry a product but also the soul of the brand. To help our customers achieve this, we go through rounds of consultation including but not limited to Creative Design à 3D Drawing à Mould Design à Prototype Production à Quality Control à After Sales Service


Certification and Awards

In CP2, we take proactive approach to ensure our process is not only meeting international standard, but also becoming one of the leader in our industry.

We devote in excellent packaging

Strong Production HubsTwo manufacturing bases in China to support our production

Customized Mould Design 500+Over the years, we help our clients to create customized packaging to deliver their story and product to end user.

We care for our futureCP2 know how to crate sustainable packaging for your brand that can meet the needs and trends of the market.

Innovation ProcessWe always explore the best solutions for our clients, to achieve both efficiency and effectiveness,

Our milestones!


Operation was established in China, with the opening of our Jiangmen Factory.


Eastern China Production Hub was established in Wuzhou, China.


CP2 Southern China Production Hub will move to a new location in Jiangmen. With over 15,000 sqm innovative and moderm factory.

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